It’s this idea of where do you come from? Who are your people? What is your history? Where do you get strength from? 

Kayla Begay

DEAP is a beautiful school in the Navajo Nation founded by members of the local community with the goal of offering their children an education rooted in their Indigenous Diné culture.

Part 1 – Healing from historical trauma and reclaiming our power – In this video educators and students share how they work to understand and heal from the impact of historical oppression and trauma and how they are recognizing and reclaiming their power.

Part 2 – Our culture and identities at the center of our learning – In this video educators and students share how the US education system has been and continues to be a tool of colonization, and the work DEAP is doing to decolonize and Indigenize education by exploring, honoring and evolving Diné culture as a central part of the learning process.

Part 3 – Creating a culture of wellness – In this video educators and students share why and how they are working to create a culture or wellness, balance and ‘creating energy that is good for growth’.

These video were produced by Faolan Jones for Teach For All.

For more like this check out Warrior Scholars – Decolonizing Education

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