Imagine if schools were places where our children could develop self love, affirmed in the truth of who they are, where they come from and what can come to be. Imagine if classrooms were spaces where our children are encouraged to love and support each other as they grow in their greatness, developing their natural creative, curious, transformational instincts. Imagine if our children learnt how to critically examine the world around them, recognise and disrupt forms of oppression, imagine something better and take action towards making that vision a reality.

How might that generation of children radically transform the trajectory of human history? How might our children create a more just, kind, beautiful and sustainable world?

My name’s Faolan Jones. I’m a filmmaker based in London, working for an international non-profit called Teach For All. This blog is a space for me to share the stories and insights of the many incredible students, communities, educators and innovators who I have been privileged to learn from and the personal thoughts they inspire.

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