For many children around the world, especially children who are being marginalized, oppressed and discriminated against, school is not a place that encourages love for self and others. It doesn’t celebrate our unique identities and shared humanity or encourage us to see the world through curious, critical and creative eyes. It does not help us to recognize and disrupt injustice and heal from it’s wounds, or to imagine a different reality, equipped with the skills to fight for it. 

Many of us receive the opposite from school, learning to see ourselves within false hierarchies of the superior and inferior, contorting our minds, bodies and spirits into prescribed molds of who we can and cannot be. We learn to conform to dominant expectations and comply with the demands of power, to accept injustice as the norm and reproduce the systems that in-prison us. To repeat the violence of the past, passing the wounds we received onto others. 

However there are many people around the world who believe and are proving that something different is possible. That education can be used as a tool of liberation rather than oppression. 

I hope this blog can be a platform to share the stories and insights of the many incredible people who I have been blessed to learn from, and the personal reflections they have inspired.

Faolan Jones. Filmmaker from London UK, working for a non-profit called Teach For All.

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