“My teachers would say..

‘Elijah, why do you dress that way? You’re so bright. You’re not a thug…’

As if that’s all my culture represents…

They made me feel like I wasn’t complete, like my culture was inferior.” —ELIJAH MILES

In just 3min of video Elijah Miles (Baltimore, US) provokes an important conversation about identity, culture, community and the question of who gets to define ‘success’ in our societies.

  • What is ‘success’? Who gets to decide what success means in your society?
  • How do the dominant social, economic and cultural ‘norms’ or expectations within your society shape your personal assumptions about what ‘success’ is, what it looks like, how it sounds, what it wears, what it does?
  • How do these personal assumptions shape how you perceive your students and their community and culture?
  • How might these assumptions limit the self determination and actualisation of your students?

This film was created by Faolan Jones for Teach For All.

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